Risk Factors of Sleep Apnea

If you snore at night, wake up tired, gasp for air during the night, or find yourself falling asleep during the day, you might have obstructive sleep apnea. It’s important to see a doctor if you believe you’re suffering from sleep apnea, because if left untreated, sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that poses a risk to your health.

Sleep apnea is caused by an obstruction in the airway due to pressure from soft tissue. When these tissues relax during sleep, they block the airway, limiting oxygen to the body.

While it may not seem life-threatening, lack of sleep puts you at risk of severe complications. Dr. Richard Van Gurp of Charlotte, NC wants you to be informed of the risks of sleep apnea and the importance of having a sleep study to determine the best treatment.

5 Reasons to Get Tested for Sleep Apnea

  1.       Our bodies need sleep to function properly. Sleep apnea disrupts healthy sleep patterns, and over time will cause your health to deteriorate.
  2.       Sleep apnea increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, male impotence, decreased sex drive, memory loss, obesity, difficulty concentrating, and headaches.
  3.       Sleep apnea can reduce your lifespan by eight to 18 years.
  4.       Poor sleep negatively affects your daily life, making it difficult to think creatively, remember, and concentrate. This can become dangerous when driving or performing difficult tasks.
  5.       Patients with sleep apnea wake suddenly hundreds of times per night, though they may not realize it. Sleep apnea robs your body of oxygen, and your body cannot function properly with reduced oxygen levels.

Request a Free Sleep Consultation

Carolina Sleep Solutions, led by Dr. Richard Van Gurp, offers oral sleep appliance therapy, allowing you to get a better night’s rest. Oral sleep appliances are custom-designed to reposition the jaw during sleep and keep the airway open, allowing for normal oxygen flow to your body. Dr. Van Gurp is a highly trained dentist with training in TMJ and Sleep Apnea. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Van Gurp, contact our Charlotte, NC office or schedule an appointment online.

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