Why Is Sleep So Important?

peaceful sleepGetting enough sleep is a crucial part of staying healthy. Not only will the adequate amount of sleep boost your mood and make you look more refreshed but it can also provide benefits for your heart, weight, and mind.

Benefits of Sleep

Improves Memory

People say if you are trying to memorize or learn something new, studying it before you go to bed can help increase your chances of remembering it. When you sleep, your mind is still processing, and you store information while your body rests.

Improved Attention Span

For people going through school or work, getting enough sleep can be the difference in being able to retain information better, boost creativity, and stay focused longer. Kids and adults react differently to sleep deprivation. While adults get tired and drowsy, kids tend to get more active. This behavior can lead to forms of ADHD among children.

Helps Maintain A Healthy Weight

Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same part of the brain so there is a strong correlation between the two factors. People who get more sleep said they were less hungry throughout the day. While people who were sleep deprived may still lose weight, it tends to be more muscle related. Although getting enough sleep is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight, a healthy diet is also needed.

Helps Manage Mental Health Issues

Getting enough sleep may help you manage depression, stress, and anxiety. Feeling well rested will help control feelings of irritability and help you establish a healthy mindset. Balance is key when it comes t0 developing a healthy relationship between sleep and mental health.

Improves Safety

Being well rested is not only good for your mental and physical health but also helps you and others stay safe. The biggest factor here is driving. The commute to and from work and everything in-between can be exhausting. Staying awake and alert at the wheel can be the difference between life and death.

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