Carolina Sleep Solutions Patient Reviews

At Carolina Sleep Solutions, Dr. Richard Van Gurp and his team provide effective sleep apnea solutions to their patients. Dr. Van Gurp has advanced training in oral appliance therapy, which is used to significantly reduce or eliminate snoring. If you’re interested in treating your sleep apnea, call us today at 704.746.3160. Learn what patients have to say about Dr. Van Gurp and his team below.

sleep apnea Charlotte NC patient reviews

“I did not want to use a CPAP due to it being loud and bulky. I heard about the option of a custom sleep device and decided to research a provider in my area. I went to Dr. VanGurp and have been very pleased. After using the device, I saw great results immediately. I no longer snore keeping my wife awake at night. When I wake up in the morning, I feel rested and do not experience drowsiness and fatigue throughout the day. It has changed my quality of life and I highly recommend his services.” -D. Pollock

“Dr. Van Gurp and the Carolina Sleep Solution staff were wonderful from start to finish. The whole process was very informative with no pressure. The entire treatment process was explained at the onset and executed flawlessly. They went above and beyond working with my insurance provider (TriCare) which made the process hassle-less for me. They were very accommodating to my busy schedule and I was able to book appointments at times that were convenient for me. I can not say enough about how positively the treatment has impacted my daily life. I began to see results immediately and only wish I had gone to see them sooner.  I would highly recommend Carolina Sleep Solutions as a treatment option for anyone who snores and/or suffers from sleep apnea.” -L. Hillebrand

“I recently worked with Carolina Sleep Solutions to diagnose and treat sleep apnea, which I had suffered from for many years. Dr. Van Gurp and his assistant Courtney Steinbronn are just amazing – not only were they extremely professional and ensured that each step of the process was fully explained and understood, but they were also delightful to work with. They fitted me with a mouth device that has completely addressed my sleep apnea and I can’t believe how much better I feel. My husband is very happy too! I definitely recommend this practice and team to anyone looking to improve their sleep.” -L. Murdock

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