What to Expect During Your At-Home Sleep Study

at home sleep studyIf you often wake up feeling tired, frequently fall asleep during the day, or get frequent headaches, you might be experiencing signs of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). To properly diagnose OSA and determine its severity, Dr. Richard Van Gurp with Carolina Sleep Solutions may order an at-home sleep test. Our patients have the option of an at home sleep test or a laboratory study, so take some time to learn about what to expect from an at-home sleep study.

At-Home Sleep Test

For this test, we will evaluate several parameters to determine whether you suffer from OSA. During the home sleep test, you’ll wear a portable device while sleeping that will gather information about your breathing, snoring, oxygen levels, and sleep apnea events.

Many patients prefer the at home sleep test because they don’t have to try to sleep in the unfamiliar lab setting. Instead of the numerous sensors and wires from a lab study, you’ll wear small sensors that monitor your breathing on your finger, in your nostrils, and chest. You’ll be able to sleep in your own bed, just with a few additional pieces of equipment that you won’t notice once you’re asleep.

Interpreting Test Results

Both Dr. Van Gurp and a board certified sleep physician will review the data and make a diagnosis. If further medical consultation is necessary because of a serious medical condition, Dr. Van Gurp will make the appropriate referral to a board certified sleep physician.

If the diagnosis reveals that a dental sleep device is necessary, Dr. Van Gurp will help you decide the best treatment option.

Oral Appliance Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Van Gurp offers sophisticated oral appliances to help patients deal with OSA so they have restful, refreshing sleep. Contact us today about your complimentary sleep screening!

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