Why Choose Us for Sleep Apnea Treatment Charlotte, NC

Dr. Richard Van Gurp is a highly qualified dentist in Charlotte, NC who has obtained advanced training in oral appliance therapy. This training, combined with his expertise in dentistry, makes Dr. Van Gurp uniquely qualified to fit highly customized FDA-approved dental sleep devices.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Charlotte NC

Dental Sleep Devices can significantly reduce or eliminate snoring and effectively treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Success in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with a mandibular advancement device requires a clear understanding of the disorder, proper device selection, and the customization of the device. Perhaps most importantly, success comes from knowing how far to move the lower jaw forward to maximize the device’s effectiveness yet minimize side effects. In other words, it is not a matter of arbitrarily making a mouth piece and pushing you out the door.

Expertise in Dental Sleep Therapy & Advanced Dentistry

Side effects of dental device treatment may include bite changes and tmj (jaw joint) issues. You can take comfort in knowing that Dr. Van Gurp has advanced training in this area as well. As a result, he has the knowledge and experience to help you minimize any potential side effects associated with dental device therapy.

Dental sleep devices fit the mouth and teeth very well. So what happens should dentistry, such as crowns, be needed after you have received your device? After dental treatment, will your device still fit? Will the device need to be remade?

The good news is that Dr. Van Gurp has expertise in CAD/CAM Cerec® Technology, which makes dental crowns and other restorations in a single visit. This technology has design features that can make your new crown fit to your existing dental sleep device. In addition, because the crowns are made in one visit, no temporary crowns are needed. Thus, there is no concern that you will accidentally pull off a temporary crown when you place and remove your sleep device.

These are all good reasons why Carolina Sleep Solutions should be your first choice in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with dental devices.

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