Carolina Sleep Solutions provided outstanding service and care from beginning to end for me and I could not be happier.

I had been bothered by progressively worsening snoring and sleep apnea all of my life. Being ignorant to sleep apnea, it’s health impacts, and possible treatment options other than a C-PAP machine I never considered having it treated and accepted it as part of my life.

However during a routine trip to my dentist I was informed of other treatment options and was referred to Carolina Sleep Solutions (CSS).

I reached out to Carolina Sleep Solutions and what immediately made a positive impact on me was the prompt, professional, and courteous response I received. The first step in the process was an introduction appointment where we world discuss sleep apnea, its long-term health impacts, the treatment options available through CSS, and the treatment process.

CSS was very flexible in scheduling an appointment with me that fit my needs (this continued throughout the treatment and significantly impacted the effectiveness of my treatment). This was not like many other professional services where appointment hours are very limited a must be scheduled very far in advance.

Upon arriving at CSS I was warmly greeted and immediately seen. Dr. Van Gurp and his staff took time to explain what sleep apnea is, it’s health impacts, and the CSS treatment process. The CSS staff provided me with an explanation of the time line of treatment as well as outlining the costs of the treatment upfront. At no point did I ever feel any pressure from CSS to go through with the treatment.

CSS worked with me through every step of the treatment ( initial sleep study, evaluation, fitting, follow up, and final sleep study) and the quality of the care never faltered. They worked with my insurance company, TRICARE on my be half for all filings, claims, etc. and through out the process there were never any hidden fees, additional costs, etc.

The treatment itself I feel was minimally invasive as could be and administered with great care by Dr. Van Gup and his staff. I had a sleep study done a few years ago which required that I sleep a night in a “lab” hooked up to a number of wires, electrodes, etc. and was required to be woken up many times through the night by attending nurse. The sleep study service provided by CSS is leaps and bounds better than that experience. Being able to conduct the sleep study in my own bed on my own time was a tremendous advantage of their treatment.

Once the study results were obtained, Dr. Van Gurp went over the results with me explaining what that they all meant, but most importantly informing me that I was a candidate for the mouthpiece treatment.

We immediately set up an appointment to be fitted for the device and I was impressed with the car and dedication demonstrated by the staff during this fitting. As I would be wearing the device nightly for years to come, getting the exact fit was a paramount importance and this was not lost on the staff.

Once I received my mouthpiece, the CSS staff ensured that I had time to adjust to wearing the device before we began any adjustments. I was appreciative of this as through the treatment is relatively non-invasive; it was a change to my daily sleep routine.

I immediately started noticing a difference in my health and energy levels upon wearing the mouth piece ( the first morning after). I had suffered from waking up with headaches almost every morning from some time. I believe this was due to the reduced levels of oxygen in my blood caused by the sleep apnea (something I did not realize until I met with CSS). The mouthpiece immediately increased the amount of oxygen my body was receiving while I slept and I haven’t had a headache in the morning since. If this were the only benefit to the CSS treatment, it would have been enough for me.

However, more benefits of the treatment appeared as we continued to adjust my mouthpiece. I noticed that I was sleeping through the nights more and more, I was feeling more and more rested in the mornings with more energy. Additionally and much to my wife’s delight, my snoring had all but ceased. I know that my snoring impacted my wife not only because of the sound but also because of her concern for me when I would stop breathing. This last benefit was very beneficial to me only because it impacted my wife’s ability to sleep every night but it was also a source of personal embarrassment to me. Especially when we had company and I knew that they would hear me snoring through the walls.

The sleep study conducted after my mouthpiece adjustments confirmed objectively what I already knew. My apnea was reduced to “normal” levels, I was sleeping better, and my body was getting much more oxygen than before. Most importantly, the long-term negative impacts of sleep apnea on my health would be reduced going forward.

I highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from sleep apnea but not only this treatment. I recommended you receive the treatment from Carolina Sleep Solutions. The care and professionalism of Dr. Van Gurp and his staff is second to none.

– L.G

Kenny M.

I was diagnosed several years ago with sleep apnea. It not only affected me; but also my wife, who was losing sleep. I attempted the breathing machine (CPAP), which did help; however, it was bulky, loud and had an annoying tube tethered to you. I didn’t rest well and as a result, stopped using it regularly. A big contributing factor of my apnea is that I have a slightly recessed jaw. After researching other options, I decided to try the dental sleep device custom made by Dr. Van Gurp. It was an amazing discovery for me. It not only relieved my snoring right away, it greatly improved my quality of sleep. I am free to move around and talk while using it. It is also compact and convenient for traveling. Now, my wife and I both have very restful nights.”

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